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Robust Resilience & Business Continuity Strategies 

Develop New, Comprehensive Resilience Frameworks To Demonstrate Targeted Cyber & AI Defences, Mitigate Third-Party Risks & Embed Continuity Cultures To Weather The Storm Of Emerging & Future Threats

A One-Day, Cross-Sector, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Exhibition | 6th June 2024 | Hallam Conference Centre, London

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Opening Remarks

09.10 Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

Terry Downing, Head of Operational Resilience, Mastercard


09.20 Tighten Technical Vulnerabilities With Practical Defence Solutions & Instant-Action Responses Which Deliver Holistic Cyber Security Strategies

  • Where are the gaps in your armour? Identify blind spots, both technical and human, to reassess cyber resilience plans, protect critical assets and strengthen areas of concern
  • In the case of a data breach, do your employees know how to respond instantly? Analyse your comms response to create a unified approach and watertight strategy
  • With the rise of hyper-intelligent ransomware, create effective horizon scanning strategies to stay ahead of the hackers
  • Technical strategies are vital, but what does this mean business-wide? Prevent disjointed silos by developing holistic cyber responses and strengthen your operational resilience framework

Chris Day, Group Head of Operational Resilience, Royal London


Maintain Momentum!

09.40 Your Plans Are Only As Good As Your People! Develop A Culture Of Resilience With Effective Training & Response Programmes To Ensure Your Team Can Weather Any Storm & Come Out Stronger

  • Generate feedback to get employees fully on board with scenario planning to deliver unified business emergency responses, show a united front and impart the importance of action to everyone
  • That’s not my job! From good data and digital habits to cybersecurity and the unplannable… how can you get every team member to understand their role in safeguarding ongoing business operations?
  • Culture is one of the hardest things to measure in organisations, so how can the results of resiliency culture programmes be fully comprehended?

Dominic Rastelli-Lewis, Head of the Cyber & Operational Resilience Unit, HM Treasury

Paul Goulding, Group Head of Operational Resilience, Bupa

Pete Johnson, Product Development Business Continuity Lead, Roche Products Limited

 Araba Cole, Director Crisis & Continuity Management, GSK

Mike Sutliff, Senior Lecturer- Innovation & Change, Cranfield University


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